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Push start-stop button Mitsubishi does not work

In this Mitsubishi Outlander 3, the start-stop button does not always work. The owner told us that he can press the button but nothing happens. The dashboard does not turn on, the audio system and the heater panel do not light up. Of course the engine won't start either. But this does not always happen. He asks me dude can you fix my favorite car? - No problem.

The work has begun. First I connect the scanner to this Outlander. Strangely, it has no trouble codes.

OK. I think the button needs to be tested first.
To do this, this button must be pulled out of the dashboard.

To do this, we need to remove the left air duct.

mmc outlander remove left air dict

And remove the center panel too... Nice.

mmc outlander remove center panel

And finally, the instrument panel trim is removed.

mmc outlander remove instruent panel trim

So, the button is in hand. Then I need to read the manual and find the wiring diagram for this button.

mmc outlander push-button wiring diagram

Ok. I checked the waveform on the green-red wire. Okay. Plus appears every time you press the button.

On the yellow wire there is always a plus, and then you press the button there should be a minus. Checked. It wasn't very good. The minus did not always appear.

So I parse the button

disassemble start-stop buton

I removed the printed circuit board and saw dirt on the printed conductor, oxide.

pcb for start-stop buton

Cleaned it up and the button works fine.

start-stop buton waveform